Builders of this site:

Erinn Bentley has so many jobs these days, she doesn't know how to introduce herself! She's a mom to her two sons (Noah and Drew) and to her two pets (One-Eyed Jack and Chewie). Two afternoons a week you can find Erinn teaching English at Western Michigan University. Ken (Erinn's husband) likes to call her a nerd because she enjoys reading, researching, and writing so much, she's now become a student again, studying English education in Western's doctoral program. On the weekends, you might see Erinn running - whether she jogs to keep fit, keep from cleaning her house, or keep in touch with some inner peace, no one is quite certain.

me_and_echo.jpg Mandy Browning likes poetry, and daydreaming. When she's not doing that, and even when she is, she is working very hard on her MA degree. What MA degree she will be studying in particular is up to the gods, and the English department. Mandy teaches English and writing classes at Lake Michigan College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and adores it. She has a fuzzy diva beast of a doggy to whom she is devoted. She is also particularly fond of jasmine tea.

DSCN2311.JPG Kyle Krol is an undergraduate at Western Michigan University studying Secondary Education, with a major in English and Comparative Religion, and a minor in Spanish. Even though she's not out in the field teaching yet, she is gearing up to teach English 1000 in fall. She loves language, crocheting and knitting, learning about global warming, and tons of other random, yet fabulous, things. She would also like to mention that the WMU Writing Center is a great resource that everyone should use. Oh yeah, she may be the Undergraduate Assistant Director of said Writing Center.

Photo_44.jpgJeff Patterson

is a Taurus, so, know. He is also a student in the MAET program at WMU and a member of the Third Coast Writing Project, for what that's worth. Jeff is in a sort of transitional phase in his career, after recently leaving the Volinia country day school and taking a new position at Marcellus high school. Some say he's a sell-out. He's looking forward to 6100 (or whatever it is) and can't wait to share thoughts with anyone who plunked down their hard earned dollars to take the class, and also Dr. Allen Webb.

michellewiki2.jpgMichelle Ringle-Barrett

first and foremost is the mother of two beautiful children, Oscar and Evelyn, and wife to Christopher. My family is the most beautiful and important priority I could ever hope for and I focus my utmost energies on being a mother. However, I do carve out a few hours here and there to teach Basic Writing, Thought and Writing and Honors Freshman Composition and to complete a Master's in English Education at Western Michigan Univeristy. I'm a big fan of "going back to the basics" in regards to simple, slow-paced, healthy living, and enjoy spending as much time in nature as possible. Although some people claim me to be a technology genius...


Lindsay Steenbergen

teaches English, creative writing, and Spanish at Portage Central high school in Michigan. I am also a student in the MATE program at Western Michigan University and a member of the Third Coast Writing Project. Check out my eboard at Portage Central high school if you are interested in what's going on in my classroom on a daily basis.

Peter Van Gorp

As I sit here listening to A Perfect Circle's Gravity, I wanted to divulge a few points of interest. First, every human being should experience the beauty of poetry, the greatest art of all. Second, humility needs to make a resounding comeback in the 21st century. And thirdly, I have this ongoing fascination that Bell's will build a factory in Grand Rapids (crossing fingers while typing). Besides teaching secondary and college English, I enjoy spending time with family and playing golf whenever I get the chance (this is not that often). Chao!

external image allennew.JPGDr. Allen Webb

A professor of English and English Education at Western Michigan University, I am former high school teacher at West Linn HS. I earned a PhD in postocolonial and minority literatures from the University of Oregon in 1992. I am interested in the teaching of literature at secondary and college levels. I have written or edited six books, including Literature and Lives and Teaching and Testimony and I often share ideas at NCTE and MCTE conferences.

ChristyYingling2.JPGChristy Yingling

teaches English and French at Battle Creek Academy in Battle Creek, Michigan. This is her first term at Western Michigan University. Any free time is spent reading, playing chamber music, and enjoying the great outdoors. She is currently working on updating the library at Battle Creek Academy to include an automated library system, multi-media center and integration with MEL resources.

Image7_(2).jpgNicole Ziegler

I'm just starting my Master's degree at Western Michigan University and looking forward to officially enrolling in the MATE program by this January. The teaching of English is my passion and I can't wait to further my education in this area. I currently teach at Lakeshore High School in Stevensville, Michigan. In my past three years there, I've taught a variety of classes including American Literature, British Literature, Composition, Speech, and currently Freshmen English, AP Language and Composition, and an Extended Time Freshmen English class where I work closely with a select number of freshmen students and a talented Math teacher. I'm also a wife and a mother of two happy dogs, Deuce and Chloe.